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Invisible Architecture | Various Authors


Invisible Architecture: a library and listening station that forge international links and creative collaborations between writers and publishers, swapping stories from around the world as they build their cities through what they say.

The two-day free installation was at the Roundhouse in London, March 2013, and invited audiences to experience poetry and work from over 30 writers, publishers and small presses located across the globe.

This book contains collaborative works specifically commissioned for the installation. Sixteen writers were paired up, and created a new work in 10 days via email correspondence. The writers had not worked together previously and did not know each other.

Invisible Architecture contains twelve poems that span twenty-six pages in total. The poems, most being a product of several poets, are abounding in every sense of the word.

Listen to some of the work here: http://youtu.be/flUZjyiYDtM